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Zoysia tenuifolia

Joan Brossa Garden

    Catalan name: 
    Spanish name: 
    English name: 
    Korean velvet grass
    Species characteristics
    China and Japan
    Sandy and clayey lands

    Perennial herb up to 10 cm tall with rhizomes (underground stems resembling roots).

    The flat and very narrow leaves are small and pointed, with hair near the sheath or the base.

    The inflorescence is terminal and black.

    Uses and properties: 

    This plant is widely used as grass in public and private pools as well as golf courses because of its resilience to drought and to moderate cold.

    It has a steady growth making a fine carpet that needs less lawning that other species. In Barcelona, it develops well and it only turns yellow in the most severe winter weather. It must be irrigated moderately to avoid diseases like fungus.

    History and curiosities: 

    The scientific name, Zoysia tenuifolia, consists of the genus name Zoysia, dedicated to Austrian botanist Karl von Zois zu Laubach (1756-1800?), and the Latin term tenuifolia, composed of the adjective tenuis, “faint, delicate”, and the noun folia, “leaf”, “of delicate leaves”.