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Dombeya tiliacea

Miramar Garden and Camí dels Cims

    Catalan name: 
    Dombeia blanca
    Spanish name: 
    Dombeya de hojas de tilo, dombeya de Natal
    English name: 
    Wedding bells
    Botanical synonyms: 
    Xeropetalum tiliaceum, Dombeya natalensis
    Species characteristics
    South Africa
    Humid and shadowy forests

    Deciduous tree or shrub 2-5 m tall, although it can reach 9 m, with often ramified trunk and thin and dotted branches. The bark is rough and dark grey.

    The alternate heart-shaped leaves have three lobes. They are thin and medium sized (3.5-8 cm long and 2.5-6 cm wide), with jagged margin and tomentum (a kind of down) on both sides. The upper side is dark green and the lower side is lighter with prominent nervation (5-7 nerves from the leaf base).

    The bell-shaped white flowers, 3-4.5 cm in diameter, are solitary or appear into bunches formed by few flowers, both on the axils and the branches' tips.

    The fruits are rounded hairy capsules, 0.5-1 cm in diameter, which contain black seeds.

    Flowering time: 
    Late summer-autumn
    Uses and properties: 

    Used in gardening as a decoration plant.

    History and curiosities: 

    The scientific name, Dombeya tiliacea, consists of the genus name Dombeya, dedicated to the French botanist Joseph Dombey (1742-1794), and the Latin term tiliacea, “similar to lime tree ”.

    Not very common in Barceona.