Ajuntament de Barcelona

Abutilon striatum 'Thompsoni'

Miramar Garden and Camí dels Cims

    Catalan name: 
    Spanish name: 
    Farolito japonés
    English name: 
    Redvein abutilon
    Botanical synonyms: 
    Abutilon pictum, Sida picta
    Species characteristics
    Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil
    Subtropical climate areas

    Deciduous shrub 1-3 m tall, although it can reach the 5 m, and measuring up to 3 m in diameter.

    The dark green, with very noticeable yellow marks, and slightly jagged leaves, 5-15 cm long, have 3-5 (occasionally, 7) lobules.

    The flowers, 2-4 cm long, are composed of five pumpkin-coloured with red dark stripes petals.

    Flowering time: 
    Uses and properties: 

    The Redvein Abutilon is very appreciated in gardening as well as decoration.

    History and curiosities: 

    The scientific name, Abutilon striatum, consists of the genus name Abutilon, coming from the Arabic aubutilum, the name that Avicenna (980-1037) gave to this genus or another very close, and the Latin term striatum, “striated”, in allusion to the bark.

    In Barcelona, there are very few specimens.

    For further information: 

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