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Oreopanax nymphaeifolius

Mossèn Costa i Llobera Garden

    Species characteristics
    Tropical America
    Tropical and subtropical mountains

    Perennial tree 4-7 m tall, occasionally shrubby, with dense crown and greyish and very smooth bark.

    The oval hanging leaves are simple, alternate and big (20-40 cm long and 15-30 cm wide). Their upper side is intense green and have three marked nerves; their lower side is a lighter green. The apex is acute, the base narrows in a wedge shape and the margin often is slightly undulate. The slightly pink petiole is almost as long as the limb.

    The small greenish white flowers appear into many terminal erect panicles, up to 40 cm long.

    The fruits are bluish black and globose, 4-6 mm in diameter.

    History and curiosities: 

    The scientific name, Oreopanax nymphaeifolius, consists of the genus name Oreopanax, from the Greek όρος, “mountain, elevated terrain”, and Panax, name of the genus to which in the past the plants of this genus belonged, and the term nymphaeifolius, “with leaves ressembling water-lily leaves”, created from del genus name Nymphaea, which contains the water-lilies, and the Latin word folius, “leaf”.