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Hechtia texensis

Mossèn Costa i Llobera Garden

    English name: 
    False agave
    Botanical synonyms: 
    Hechtia scariosa
    Species characteristics
    Southwestern Texas and Northern Mexico
    Arid rocky chalky lands, at a height from 600 to 1,150 m

    Flower-shaped plant measuring 0.7-1.3 m in diameter.

    The leaves, amargants, are strips 4.5 cm wide and 1.5 long.

    The flaky flowers appear intoigender differenciated, compound and pinnate (on both sides of a stem) inflorescences; the inflorescences on the lateral stems are longer (from 1 cm to 21.5 cm long) and denser. The feminine flowers are slightly bigger than the masculine ones.

    The fruits are capsules 0.9-1.25 cm in diameter.

    Flowering time: 
    Spring-early summer
    History and curiosities: 

    The scientific name, Hechtia texensis, consists of the genus name Hechtia, dedicated to Julius Gottfried Conrad Hecht (1771-1837), botanist and counselor of the king Frederick William III of Prussia, and the adjective texensis, “de Texas”, in allusion to the place where the Europeans found the plant for the first time.

    It can be mixed up with an Agave.