Ajuntament de Barcelona



Barcelona City Council invites the citizens to take part in itineraries using ICT. The main objective of these itineraries is to help the urban green spaces to become known so people can enjoy them and appreciate them as a part of the heritage.

The self-guided itineraries offer information systems that put within reach of the users the informative, didactic and interactive data needed to do the routes. This information can be reached online using your desktop, laptop or a mobile device.

Barcelona green spaces allow going into the knowledge of the town history in depth, developing their own aesthetic criteria, starting the technical and scientific abilities, establishing more positive and civic relations with people and the environment...

The itineraries are divided in five main axis —discovery, education, conservation, research, information and interaction—.

Aim: to promote the green spaces (location, main species and natural, cultural and landscape functions); to spread out their natural and social values, the threats to which they are exposed and the importance of their conservation; to introduce the visitors into the plants’ world; to make the population sensitive to the importance of the town gardens in the conservation of the biodiversity; to promote civic and active behaviours in defence of the environment and to favour the communication and exchange among the garden visitors.

The collection of proposed actions shows the compromise of the city with the education. Barcelona wants to become a model of “educational town”, committed to the inhabitants’ and the visitors’ formation.

Technical considerations to do the itinerary with a mobile device

Go with the mobile!

Those visitors who want to do the itinerary guided by a mobile device will have several options according to their device’s characteristics.

Use the QR codes

If the mobile device has camera and connexion to Internet, they will be able to get information through the QR codes on the itinerary information panels. To reach that information, a QR reader is necessary, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet or from the device’s applet market. Once the reader is open, take a picture of the QR code or bring the camera closer to decode it. Finally, open the displayed link to see the contained information.

Download the applet

If you have an iPhone or a device with Android, you can download free of charge the applet “rutesbcnverda” from the App Store or from the Android Market.

Learn and research

The applet will guide the visitors along the itinerary, showing their position on a map and giving them information about the stretches, the different interest points and the species of the route.

Play and try yourself

The visitors can take part in an enjoyable treasure hunt around the different routes. Last, but not least, they are invited to take a quizz to put what they have learnt to the test.